About Heartfelt Designs

All heartfelt garments are ethically produced in India using 100% natural fibres, cotton linen and silk. The garments are often passed from one crafts-person to another, carrying forward the Indian traditions of handcrafted and creating pieces that are truly unique.

Heartfelt designs was born when I decided I wanted to do something just for me and I no longer had any excuses or distractions to stop me. I’d had a 25 year career in retail-in home textiles and fashion, working for other people helping them realise their dreams. It was time for me to make some of my own happen.

I wanted to do more for the ‘forgotten’  women – she is basically anyone over the age of 40! I love helping women find things that make them feel fabulous. Heartfelt garments are casual, fun, colourful, easy to wear and care for, and more importantly, flattering.

There’s very much a relaxed , coastal feel to them. I adore colour and the beautiful old wood block prints used in Indian textiles. I love mixing them up and  am constantly on the look out for the unusual to interpret  into something beautifully wearable.

I hope you enjoy browsing my website and even more importantly, love the clothing you purchase.