Sunshine Project Delhi

The Sunshine Project in Delhi provides homeless children with a safe and happy environment during the day which includes the provision of food, clothing, healthcare, education and a whole lot of love!

Heartfelt has been working and supporting the project for the past 5 years - with the help of my customers - by having limited edition garments and accessories made by their in-house stitching unit.

I visit the fabric markets in Delhi and purchase gorgeous fabrics which I then hand over to Kuku to be made into wonderfully unique items. Most of the sewers are parents of the children Kuku and his wife Priti look after.

On the 24th March, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi ordered a nationwide lockdown for 21 days, limiting movement of the entire population (1.3 billion people) as a preventative measure against the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic.

All of the Sunshine Project families already live on a very limited income, most work and receive a daily salary - and with no work due to lockdown, the project has run out of money.

Kuku and Priti are unable to buy large quantities of food to feed the children in their care - every day they search various shops for food and then visit house to house to distribute the supplies to the children and their families.

They have organised for the local shops to provide water to the families and then to invoice the Sunshine Project. They are also supplying vitamins, soap and hand sanitiser. The stitching unit are now making re-useable face masks to be distributed to all families.

The Coronavirus has affected us all, but surely for the poorest people in India, the suffering is more acute than for us here in Australia.

I have decided that until the lockdown is lifted in India (at this stage 3rd May) I will be donating 10% of all on-line sales to this wonderful initiative.

For all those fabulous women who have travelled with me since 2018 to India have seen for themselves - that Kuku, Priti and their dedicated helpers are just amazing people who do an incredible job ensuring these kids get an education and lots more. Our visits to the Project have been a highlight of the tours.

To learn more please follow them on Instagram @sunshineprojectindia or on Facebook at sunshineproject new delhi for updates and photos of the kids during this critical time.


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