Incredible India - October 2018

Musings from India - October 2018
Blogs - blah blah blah - I am quite nervous about this my very first blog. But everyone assures me that once you have done the first one - the rest are easy - we will see!
I think the main problem for me has always been wondering if anyone would be interested in reading my ravings!
But as I have been coming to India now for the past 8 years and have always kept a daily journal whilst here - I thought why not put it out there for more people to read?
I began my journey in 2009 - living in a small coastal town with employment limited - plus my age which was north of 50!! I decided I wanted to do my own thing - fed up with working for others and wanting to create something just for me. I decided that what was needed was a good range of natural fibre clothing aimed at my age group that was affordable, desirable and comfortable.
I visited the Brand India Exhibition in Melbourne and found my first supplier and placed an order with him. All arrived - all were good and I set out selling these items. Every single retailer wanted to know if they were ethically produced in India - as the country had had such bad press regarding child labour, poor working conditions and of course low pay.
In 2010 I ventured over to India to meet my supplier and visit his factory. I am pleased to add that his factory was wonderful and the workers within were all happy and adults!
On this trip I discovered lots of wonderful products and suppliers - I have been working with many of these continually since. we have forged strong work relations and along the way I have found some wonderful charity groups to work with - thus benefiting both myself and the charities they support.
Now - in October 2018 - things are about to change again - I am no longer going to be wholesaling my range of clothing - but will endeavour to continue visiting the country I have come to love, whilst there, create some beautiful clothing, accessories and guide fellow travellers around this incredible country.
My very first trip is about to begin - I have 9 incredible women joining me on a tailored just for them - trip around Rajasthan. Taking in Delhi, Agra, Jaipur and Udaipur.
Let the fun begin!


  • It was my first trip to India after an absence of approximately 40 years so when Janet suggested joining a party of 10 ladies on her personalised tour I jumped at the chance as I was aware of her up to date experience of the country.
    I was certainly not disappointed, as most of the tour covered areas not previously visited, except the Taj Mahal which is still as beautiful as ever.
    Janet certainly had done her homework and should be awarded 5***** as a personalised tour leader packing in many interesting, enlightening and wonderful experiences with enough options for shopping or relaxation.
    The company (many of whom I had not met before), food and accommodation were great and I would certainly recommend Janet’s Indian Tours!

    Carole Ford
  • Delighted to join this varied group for my first visit to India and I am so pleased to make new friends from my travel companions. We stayed in some fabulous hotels, my favourite was the Jaypee Palace where I would have happily spent longer. We toured in a luxurious air conditioned bus with the delightful driver Harry and his assistant Raj, Janet had organised lots to see and do to meet all interests. It was essential to have her knowledge and experience of this chaotic but fascinating country to enable us to get the most of it.
    I struggled to cope with the poverty and street kids so it was wonderful and inspirational to visit the Sunshine Project to see how they helped street children. Highlights of the trip for me were the rickshaw ride in Old Delhi, G & T’s at Castle Kanota at sunset and of course the beautiful Taj Mahal, this trip is a must for someone to experience the best of India safely and in great company! Thanks Janet.

    Barbie Markey
  • What a fantastic trip, thank you Janet for putting together such a wide, varied and hugely enjoyable itinerary.

    I had not been to India before, it is most definitely worth a visit. We visited palaces tombs and forts, including the breath taking Taj Mahal, and the wonderful Amber Fort. Our trip also included a cookery course, block printing day, yoga, and a visit to a school educating and helping street children. There was also time for retail therapy!!

    Janet had organised it extremely well, it was great fun and certainly a trip to remember.

    Susie North
  • I was very lucky to be included in Janet’s inaugural tour to India in October/November 2018. Two weeks of sights, sounds, colour and contrasts, India never failed to disappoint! Janet was mindful of our individual preferences and accommodated us whenever possible . The Amber Fort with the elephants and of course The Taj were highlights for me and have just whetted my appetite to see more of India. Thanks Janet, you’re a star!

    Jo Robertson
  • I have always wanted to go to India, my partner had no interest in going.
    So having my sister Janet organise a trip for like minded girls was an experience I couldn’t miss.
    It was everything I had hoped it would be, perfect weather, amazing colours and unbelievable palaces and forts.
    The Taj Mahal was my highlight and it didn’t disappoint .
    Janet was able to navigate us all around, which as a party of 9 girls was a huge achievement .
    I would love to do it all again, thanks Janet for a trip of a life time.

    Robyn Richardson

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